baratto pinacoteca unca collezione per camper puro furgonato

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Dati annuncio : baratto pinacoteca Used, Città Metropolitana di Bari

barter pure. I am offering an important art gallery (sole owner: knight commendatore of the Italian Republic) from the 1960s as a pure barter.
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bari bakeca en/detail/antique-collectables/barter-with-camper-van-abstract-painting-gold-coated-ceramic-tiles-6ayi244627570
on whatsapp I offer information
collection 1940-1970 of the Commendatores Kunstgalerie with a rational investment plan programmed by the gallery, with future investment in perspective
[ my barter is without excessive venal interest but for the satisfaction of doing something I like

#pinacoteca del Commendatore unica collezione razionale  
baratto puro in cambio di camper furgonato 
jewcivilization blogspot com/
art gallery of Commander one only owner, this collection is in a rational gallery project
I offer in pure barter in exchange for camper van

Gemälde-Kunstgalerie von Commander, einem einzigen Eigentümer, diese Sammlung befindet sich in einem rationalen Galerieprojekt
Biete ich in reinem Tausch gegen Wohnmobil an

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